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Maestro's Odyssey - November 2023 - Bundle Buy Bundle (60 videos) Maestro's Odyssey - November 2023 - Bundle

An extensive and comprehensive journey into the world of entertainment. It's ideal for those serious about mastering their craft who want access part of the most in-depth resources available on IAMAG Master Classes.

This Bundle Contains : 

  • "Introduction to 3D Coat" with  Anton Tenitsky - Tutorial

  • "From Comic Book Production Process to Concept Art" with TimeMcBurnie and Daniel Lieske - Online Master Class best of

  • "Create an immersive VR scene in Quill" with Stephani Bagnoli - Tutorial

  • "Storytelling for Concept Art" with Paulo Galamgam - Online Master Class

  • "Behind the look of the Mitchell'svs. The Machines" with Lindsey Olicares - Online Master Class

  • "Gesture Eloquence in Animation " - On-stage Master Class with Nicolas Prothais

  • "Motivation behind Good Art" with Mateusz Urbanowicz - Online Master Class

  • "Keys to Build a rewarding career in Animation" - Eddy Okba - Online Master Class

  • "Creative Constrains" - Nicolas Weis - On-Stage Master Class

USD $24.99