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Get inside Framestore Visdev Department, in Montreal, through some of their latest challenges: Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Moonfall, SpiderMan Far From Home, and ask your questions LIVE to Sylvain Lorgeou (aka Syllo)

About Sylvain Lorgeou

Sylvain is currently working as Head of Visual Development at Framestore,Montreal, CA.

Not so long after graduating in Illustration and Graphic Design, he went into an intensive 3D/Vfx for films formation at the Nad Center in Montreal in 2004; he then started working right away on several commercials then quickly transitioned to work only on films, he never looked back since! 

He has always been attracted to any form of art, from drawing to music, sculpture, photography…

But after several years touching most of the fields related to the Film Vfx post-production (modeling/tracking/roto/pre-comp/texturing/fx simulations…) he had the opportunity to do more and more of his true passions: matte painting and concept art; basically, anything that can come as close as possible to generate exciting frames, various moods, interesting compositions, putting ideas on “paper” while using the latest softwares, tools and techniques as neverending sources of inspiration.

He’s most recent projects as Head of Visual development and Artist are


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 

Spider-Man: No Way Home


Lost in Space(Netflix Serie)

Don't Look Up

Army of the Dead

In the last 4+ years, Sylvain focused on the Visdev Department at Framestore, and strived to gather a team of very talented and dedicated artists with one goal in mind: Helping out filling up that “missing link” that sometimes occurs between pre-production art and the actual production reality. 

The Visdev department at Framestore is built around one main goal:  helping to reduce the number of iterations in more expensive departments in the Film division by creating fast and efficient imagery and ideas to directors and supervisors, that will help to answer creative questions on environments, props, vehicles, characters, fx, shot moods at any stage of the post-production... without going into full 3D loops using different departments.

Before starting building up the Visdev department at Framestore Montreal, Sylvain worked as Lead Matte painter for more than a dozen years on various movies in several companies, such as:

(in chronological order) : SourceCode, Beauty and the Beast , X-Men: Days of Future Past, Terminator Genisys, Pan, The Revenant, Wonder Woman, Ghost In The Shell, Blade Runner 2049…

He was (among several Framestore colleagues from different departments) nominated on Blade Runner 2049 for a VES for the overall work done on Denis Villeneuve’s movie in the category 

“Outstanding CG environment in a Photoreal Feature”.

His team and Sylvain are currently working on several unannounced AAA projects at Framestore and other various digital fun in their free time!

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