Bringing to Life the Characters of Magic the Gathering

with Camille Fourniols and Omid Moradi


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About The Live

Tune in for a look at the Character Pipeline at Axis that was used to bring the characters of Magic the Gathering: Innistrad to life. Camille and Omid talk about their experience on the project from concept to final model and how the different departments worked together at each stage of creation.

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About Camille Fourniols

Camille brings characters to life in her role as Lead Grooming Artist at Axis Studios. Camille studied at the prestigious Supinfocom Arles (Mopa) based in the south east of France. Starting out her career as a generalist and groom artist in an advertising studio in London she then joined the Axis team in Glasgow where she started using Houdini as her main grooming tool. Working very closely with the character artists, Camille also makes sure everything is working technically and ready for other departments to use. 

As Axis has grown and the work has diversified, the groom team has gone from strength to strength, meaning Camille's role has expanded being ever more involved in improving groom techniques, houdini tools and working closely with groom TDs to evolve the overall groom pipeline.  During her time at Axis, Camille has worked with entertainment megabrands such as Wizards of the Coast, Riot and Blizzard.

About Omid Moradi

Growing up in an artistic family, imagination was always part of Omid’s life, but his competitive nature is what really supercharged his love for art. His dad drew a lion in his school workbook when he got his first A+ in first grade, and from there, Omid started competing with his dad by copying this lion, trying to better it. Eventually his skills outgrew his dads. From there, his interest in drawing was amplified when he learnt from the Lord of the Rings behind the scenes DVD’s that art could be an actual profession.

Indeed, it did go on to become Omid’s profession, as he worked on projects for Riot, Blizzard, Ubisoft, WB, and Gameloft. In his current role of Lead character artist at Axis Studios, Omid has brought his diverse arsenal of skills to bring everything from bloodthirsty werewolves to stylised heroes to life. As a lead character artist, he balances management with artistic creativity, always pushing projects forward in both style and quality.

About Axis Studios

Axis is a multi award winning animation and VFX studio.

We’ve built a global reputation for creating commissioned and original entertainment experiences in Film, Television, Games and Theme Parks.

Axis Studios is building on our track record of creating narratively compelling work in animated entertainment & VFX, to originate and deliver groundbreaking content of the highest quality that engages audiences worldwide.

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