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"How to Teach Yourself Environment concept art"

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Live Part Three - June 14th - 7:00 PM CET

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"How to Teach Yourself Environment concept art "

Follow Pengzhen Zhang breaking down his design processes while discussing how use of resources for self-teaching.

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What's The Content of This Live sessions

In this Master Class, we will see how Pengzhen Zhang breakdown his design processes while discussing the way to take good use of your resources to self-teaching.

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You will be able to ask your question in the LIVE chat during all Live and we've a special LIVE after LIVE session where you'll be able to interact face to face with the artist, at the end of the last LIVE

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Replay are usually available a few hours after the LIVE and you can access these LIVE as long as you're a subscriber

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This live and replay is part of IAMAG Master Classes subscription and available only for our member.

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YES! You can check all subscription options on the Pricing Page

Can I follow this LIVE Series if I'm a beginner?

YES! All Master Classes and LIVE intend to give you a unique perspective of the creative process of artists, whatever you're a beginner or pro.

About Pengzhen Zhang

Pengzhen Zhang has been a concept artist in the game industry since 2010.Born in Luoyang, China, he now lives in Montreal and working for Ubisoft Montreal as a senior concept artist since 2019.

The city of Luoyang where he was born has a history of thousands of years as an ancient capital of China, so he always had a strong interest in ancient architectural arts from all over the world which is also reflected in his works. He is also good at historical, fantasy, and sci-fi concepts and illustrations.

After entered the game industry in 2010, he has worked for many first-tier Chinese companies such as Tencent and NetEase. In 2019 at Ubisoft Montreal he worked on the released game Hyperscape (2020) as a senior concept artist. He now working on a new project for a well-known franchise. He has been involved in game types including mobile games, MMORPG, and AAA console games.



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