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"Designing with Emotion"

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Designing with Emotion

Making choices through each stage of design to create scenes and characters with feeling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Content of This Live sessions

Discover with Perry Allen, how to make choices through each stage of design to create scenes and characters with feeling.

Can I Interact during LIVE with the artist ?

You will be able to ask your question in the LIVE chat during all Live and we've a special LIVE after LIVE session where you'll be able to interact face to face with the artist, at the end of the last LIVE

Can I access the Replay of this LIVE Series?

Replay are usually available a few hours after the LIVE and you can access these LIVE as long as you're a subscriber

Can I access this Live for free

This live and replay is part of IAMAG Master Classes subscription and available only for our member.

You can start you free trial here

Do you offer Discount for Students?

Do offer Bulk Discount for Companies or Schools ?

YES! You can check all subscription options on the Pricing Page

Can I follow this LIVE Series if I'm a beginner?

YES! All Master Classes and LIVE intend to give you a unique perspective of the creative process of artists, whatever you're a beginner or pro.

About Perry Allen

Perry Allen is a UK based concept artist, creating art for games and animation since 2014. Previously a 2D animator, Perry discovered a love for painting and visual development, and has since been making art to tell stories. Having started as an artist at Sony London, he now works as lead concept artist at Interior Night.

With a focus on emotional moments and animals, Perry aims to create scenes and characters that are authentic and full of feeling.



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