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Ron Ashtiani presents lessons learned from his 25-year-long career crafting compelling art and art direction for games and movies. He gives a view into the role of the art director and shares methods to define and develop a unique visual style, understands market positioning, gathers strong references, and builds a vision to drive and manage a team. Ron explores high-level concepts behind art directing, important terminology, and the role of the art director in developing and communicating a style

The talk is based on Ron’s newly released book The Art of Direction, published by Design Studio Press.

About Ron Ashtiani

Ron Ashtiani has worked as an art director and creative leader on movies including Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers 2. He has worked on over 30 video games including Mortal Kombat Games, Injustice 1&2, Devil May Cry, Battalion Wars 1&2, Killzone Mercenaries, and John Carpenter’s The Thing to name just a few.

Ron has been involved in the running of several businesses over the last 17 years and in 2009 formed a visual design company, Atomhawk, which he built up from a team of 4 into an international leading brand with studios in the UK and Canada.

He has been listed in both the UK top 100 people in video games and also in the top 100 in digital media.

About 'The Art of Direction'

Ron Ashtiani brings together twenty-five years of experience directing creative projects for games and film to share what it takes to be a successful art director in the entertainment industry today. Using his well-honed art direction skills and diverse project experience, and by using real-world examples, clear diagrams, and text, he educates his readers on every element of the stellar art design for both video games and movies.

The fully illustrated The Art of Direction book, leads the reader on the journey of the art director, from how to craft an artistic vision to how to successfully manage a team of artists in bringing that vision to life and making the best creative decisions along the way.

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