Unreal Engine for Concept Artist

With Ankush Sharma

Exclusive Master Class for IAMAG Master Classes Members

December  6TH

2:30 PM CET



In this insightful presentation, Ankush delves into the transformative role of Unreal Engine in the realm of concept art, particularly within the gaming industry. He will explore the multifaceted advantages Unreal Engine offers to artists, illustrating how it can revolutionize the journey of a concept artist. Ankush will share his personal approach to utilizing Unreal Engine, demonstrating how he effectively translates conceptual ideas into stunning, cinematic environments within the engine. This presentation promises to be a fascinating exploration of the intersection between cutting-edge technology and creative artistry in game development

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Ankush Sharma

Ankush, a freelance concept artist, brings a rich tapestry of skills honed from his background in traditional art and a deep dive into digital artistry. His journey began in a conventional art college, where he laid the foundation for his artistic exploration. Over his career, Ankush has mastered various skills, including keyframe concepts, environmental design, and prop creation.

His talent has led him to collaborate with an impressive array of studios, such as Share Creators, Netease, Memesys, Volta, Dneg London, 5th Column, Yotta Games, and Rohtau London. Ankush is known for his exceptional ability to blend composition, lighting, and color, bringing each project to life with a unique visual flair.

His contributions have been pivotal in the successful delivery of three AAA titles and several other projects. Ankush's work stands out in the industry, showcasing a blend of classical art principles and modern digital techniques, marking him as a versatile and dynamic force in the realm of concept art

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