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June 13TH



About The Live

Here's your chance to explore the dynamic world of 3D art and animation using the innovative Dreams platform. Join us for this live stream, where Martin takes us through why he has been using Dreams as his main tool of choice for the last few years. With 20 years of industry experience, a broad range of high-profile clients, and unique expertise in the Dreams engine, Martin is the ideal guide for your creative journey in this exciting medium.

In this stream, you'll tap into Martin's knowledge and experiences as he shares his techniques and insights for harnessing the power of Dreams in your creative workflow while also getting a glimpse of how 3d tools don't have to be about pushing and pulling polygons.

About Martin Nebelong

Martin Nebelong, born in 1982, is a renowned Danish artist and seasoned professional in the digital art industry. With a career spanning two decades, Nebelong has made significant contributions to the field with his unique blend of traditional and digital techniques. His creative journey began with traditional illustration, a skill he honed and expanded upon at the Danish design school, earning both a bachelor's and master's degree in digital design.

In the early years of his career, Nebelong applied his digital design skills as a freelance artist for LEGO, where he produced an array of digital paintings for the company using Photoshop. Over the last six years, 3D design has become the mainstay of his work, influenced in part by his extensive experience with Virtual Reality (VR) using an Oculus Rift headset. His work in VR opened doors to international opportunities, allowing him to travel globally and share his innovative work. Nebelong's expertise in 3D art has been recognized by major industry publications, including 3D Artist, 3D World, and ImagineFX, for which he has written numerous tutorials.

Always at the forefront of digital art innovation, Nebelong found a new creative outlet in Dreams, an engine for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 developed by Media Molecule. This platform enables users to create, share, and play user-generated content. Martin thinks that Dreams represents a paradigm shift in 3D content production. Dreams offer an artist-focused, enjoyable, and robust approach to 3D design, usable both in and out of VR. Though Dreams is VR-compatible, Nebelong mainly uses Move Controllers for his work without the VR headset.

In his freelance career, Nebelong has worked with a diverse roster of clients, including Sony and Media Molecule, Luma Labs, Adobe, Meta, Yahoo, Runway, Oculus, and Rovio. His work has also extended to the silver screen, with contributions to the feature film "A Winter's Journey," starring John Malkovich.

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