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Mother's day was apparently yesterday, so I thought I will skip to the happy ending, before I go back to capture these little dudes' friendship. Orange cats are very adventurous and yet so loving, so I definitely want it to be an orange cat family... which does not resolve the issue in the previous shot. I have added some highlights though; I want to push more the colors and the lights. 

June 13
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Hello everyone, this is a spaceship design made some months ago. This is probably the first piece I've done with the help of networking with people. I've improved so much just by connecting with others and I hope to get to know you also. Cheers!

July 23

Hi, this is my new piece.

Monk, and the Sand of Time - I want to do a series looking for a little peace between the dark days, I want to find the contrast between the Zen master and the dark and confusing things. "The sand of time" is probably no stranger to anyone, so I wanted to take that idea as the main theme, with brightly colored sand flowing through ruins, and the darkness facing a quiet Zen master.

Hope you like it ;)

August 06
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I tried implementing everything I've learned recently on this piece. I hope you guys like it :)

June 05
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Motre trees, chubby ones this time !

February 25, 2022
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Hey guys, first post here on this cool app!

I wanted to share two warm-up sketches I did over the week in anticipation of allmighty Elden Ring. Can‘t wait to start playing it for real!

August 14
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Second trailer on two made for an upcoming video game project with Etienne Vittani.

During a short month, we were in charge of all aspect of creation. Fleshing a pipeline to work on the same softwares at the same time. Using Unreal Engine and Perforce along with other softwares to flesh assets and environement. VFXs were made with EmberGen.

Spaceship and City were the only asset given by the videogame team, and edited by us.

Cut has been made on DaVinci Resolve.
Environment has been made on World Creator.
Assets made on Blender.
VFXs on Embergen.
Cut, SFXs and music on DaVinci Resolve.

The cut in the link has been edited after our first version, as the game team wanted to put alpha gameplay footage between cinematic renders.

September 08
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Hi awesome people, after being so busy for a couple weeks I am happy to share my latest work.
Modelled and Animated in Blender.

August 26

Started to read a bunch of Moebius comics and I‘m super inspired by him!

April 24
• Edited (Apr 24, 2023)

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