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April 24, 2023
• Edited (Dec 07, 2023)

As part of the IAMAG family, whether you're on a free or paid subscription, you get the unique opportunity to share your artwork with a vibrant community of members.

Not a Member Yet? No problem! Simply head over to our subscription page to get started. Choose between our Free or Yearly subscription options and begin submitting your work.

Community Guidelines

  1. Post Limits: Feel free to post as much as you like, but for greater visibility and fairness, we suggest limiting to 2 artworks per day.

  2. Originality is Key: AI-generated artwork or submissions that are not your own are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will lead to an immediate ban.

  3. Positive Vibes: Encourage and support each other. Let's keep our interactions constructive and friendly.

  4. Spotlight Opportunities: IAMAG may feature your work in our newsletter or on IAMAG Inspiration. If selected, we'll credit you using your real name and provide a direct link to your post.

  5. Easy Submission: Upload your artwork effortlessly from your desktop or via our native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Let's nurture a creative and inspiring community together!