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April 24
• Edited (Apr 24, 2023)

The IAMAG community is included in any free or paid subscription, allowing you to share your work with other members.

If you're not yet a member, you can request access from the subscription page and start to submit your work after picking your options, Free, Monthly, or Yearly subscription.


  • We don't limit the number of artworks posted daily but recommend not posting more than 2/day max.

  • We don't allow AI artwork; any submission is yours, or you'll be banned.

  • Be constructive and friendly to each other.

  • IAMAG can select some of the work to highlight the community in the newsletter or IAMAG Inspiration, using your real name for the credit as the title or/and description of your post there, with a direct link to your post.

You can submit artwork from the desktop or our native mobile applications on IOS or Android.

Be creative and let's build a nice community