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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Aug 12 at 06:49 PM

Another new piece for my personal project.


Aug 07 at 06:36 PM

Hello, this is my new piece for the apocalypse project.


Jul 23 at 12:11 PM

Hi, this is my new piece.

Monk, and the Sand of Time - I want to do a series looking for a little peace between the dark days, I want to find the contrast between the Zen master and the dark and confusing things. "The sand of time" is probably no stranger to anyone, so I wanted to take that idea as the main theme, with brightly colored sand flowing through ruins, and the darkness facing a quiet Zen master.

Hope you like it ;)


Jul 02 at 07:22 PM

My key lighting art for my previz short film. Hope you like it!

Jun 12 at 03:42 PM

Yeah, that's a volcano, and it's ready to wake up, make a doom day 



Jun 11 at 03:39 PM

Hello, here is my new landscape painting :D

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Jun 07 at 01:20 PM



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May 15 at 05:36 AM

Thanks ^^



May 14 at 11:29 AM

My new concept is comming ^^

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May 06 at 02:26 AM

Yes this is a part of my personal IP. And the dogs also are my dogs in real life ^^